What Makes a Good Domain Name

Domain NamesWhether you're trying to give your brick and mortar a great online presence for the first time, you're launching a new online business, or you're getting into web development, then you need to know how to find a great domain name. All domain names aren't created equally of course, and the best ones can have a huge impact on how you fare.

High quality domain names will ensure you get easily remembered and quickly found in the search engines, and will help you stand out from the crowd while growing your brand and finding more customers. Of course, the value of a domain and its quality is most of the times strictly in the eye of the beholder, and vary from person to person.

Domain Name AuctionsTherefore, there's no golden rule to follow in terms of how much you should pay for a domain, or what the bottom line is on whether a domain is good or bad. However, with the following tips and rules, you should be able to pick out great domain names which match your needs and produces results.

1. Length: The number of letters in the domain, or the total length of the domain name address, is very important. The general rule of thumb is that shorter is better, as it's easier to remember, spell and type in directly, and more. Three letter or four letter domains can lend your business instant credibility, invaluable recognition and ease of use.

Domain Auctions2. Brandability: What's your company, and what kind of product or service do you offer? A brandable domain will represent you and will build a great association with potential consumers. "GoDaddy" didn't mean anything until it was branded with the company, and now it has a huge, memorable concept attached to it.

3. Generic: The more generic a domain is, the more valuable it is, all things being equal. It's better to own the domain GolfBalls.com than WhiteEuropeanGolfballs.com, you have a wider market, a name that's easier to remember and more all inclusive, and you gain more credibility. Not to mention that generic domains are generally shorter in length than very specific ones, going back to the first rule above.

Domain Names4. Extension: No matter what extensions the domain industry will invent, .com will always be the king! By definition, the .com extension is much more valuable than any other extension of the same name. All audiences, industries and marketplaces associate their top brands with .com. Now if it is not possible to own the .com because it is already owned or developed you might consider some of the other extensions. The next best thing to own is the .net, the .org or the .co. If your business or project is country specific acquiring the country extension is definitely your best move.

Domain Name Auctions5. Domain Age: The age of a domain is one of many factors that search engines use to rank a website. The older a domain is, the more credible it can be viewed as being, boosting your SEO. In addition, you may even be able to gain type-in traffic from a domain which has been in existence for a long time.

Domain Names6. Backlinks: Buying a domain with preexisting backlinks is another great way to boost your SEO. It can save you a huge amount of time and money in terms of promotion and link building. However, beware that poor quality, or illicitly gained links can harm your site, and leave your new domain blacklisted. Be sure to check into these before making a purchase.

7. PageRank: Buying a domain with existing PageRank is another great way to give yourself a head start in the competitive world of search engine optimization. If your PR is above 0 to start with, you're ahead of the game and can begin producing immediate results.